Coffin Blind

The coffin blind hasĀ evolved from pit blinds and feature a low profile box appearance and look similar to a coffin. they usually have 2 top-loading doors that swing open and allow the hunter to sit up and shoot.

coffin blind

They are usually dug into the ground a bit and then some of the natural cover around them is used to cover them up.

It is common to dig them into the soil of a cornfield or into a sandbar.

coffin blind

When placing the coffin, put it where you have your shoulder pointing at the landing zone.

If you want to build your own coffin blind, we have plans for a coffin blind, duck blind, and 3 deer blinds.

Before using one for the first time, practice shooting from it you so can get a feel for the correct placement in relation to the shooting angle/direction of the waterfowl.


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