Duck Blinds

Duck hunting blinds are used to hide the hunter from ducks and waterfowl while hunting.

They come in many different styles however the main categories include:

  • Temporary
  • Permanent
  • Land based
  • Water based

duck blind
The blinds may hide a single hunter, or may hide several hunters, a dog, a vehicle or a boat.

The most simple duck blinds can be made out of natural materials in close vicinity to the hunting area, or they can be specialized ones like the hunting dog blind or hay bale blind, or they may be very sophisticated structures constructed out of metal that can act as a warm, weatherproof, blind accommodating several hunters in comfort.

The temporary blinds can have an advantage of mobility if the ducks move because they have depleted the food supply or the hunting pressure becomes too great.

duck blind

The portable blinds may be a simple camo net, a coffin blind, a pop-up blind, or may be more sophisticated such as hiding in a decoy or using a duck boat blind.

The permanent blinds can be land based such as box blinds, or water based built on stilts. They usually have a bench seat, wooden or steel floor and a partial roof or camo mesh to allow the hunters to shoot out.

If you are thinking about building your own hunting blind for deer, ducks, waterfowl, or big game, check out our hunting blind plans.


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