Hunting Blinds

When hunting animals or waterfowl, the element of surprise is one of the strongest factors hunters can have in their favor.

That element of surprise comes about when the hunter can’t be seen, heard or scented.

Hunting blinds provide ways to achieve some of these elements [depending on the style of blind] by concealing the hunter, and reducing the noise and scent distribution by confining them within the blind.

Blinds can be as simple as a natural blind constructed of materials near the intended hunting spot, to portable easily assembled or pop-up blinds, through to permanent box tower stands or blinds.

Each of these types of blind have advantages and disadvantages, and are suited to particular hunting situations.

The definition between a stand and a blind is not always that clear, as tripod stands with a skirt or enclosure around them, can be called an enclosed stand or a blind.

There are generally several different types of hunting blinds that include: