Should I Make a Mock Scape

Back in 1998 there was a study by Dr. Jim Kroll who created mock scrapes and using cameras, recorded the deer that came to those scrapes. There were four sets of mock scrapes; one set had hot doe urine, one with buck urine, one set with nothing in them, and one with human urine.

mock scrape

The results of the study were that bucks visited scrapes with buck urine and human urine the most. Estrus doe urine and scrapes with no scent came in a close second. The researchers found no statistical difference in visits to these scrapes, and they saw no difference in the age of bucks visiting these scrapes.

The next fall they made mock scrapes with buck urine, hot doe urine, no scent at all, and some with “new car scent” spray. However, bucks came to all four treatments. The fact that bucks came to new car scent spray and to mock scrapes with no scent was put down to curiosity. Dr. Kroll found that almost as many does and fawns came to the scrapes as bucks. Does came more readily to the doe estrus urine than the other treatments, while bucks seemed to favor the estrus urine and the buck urine.


Based on this study, it appears that a scrape can bring bucks to it based on visual signals [they came to a scrape with nothing in it], and scent signals. In addition, they obviously come out of curiosity [eg. new car scent spray].

The results indicate that you should consider making a mock scrape every time you sit in a stand however remember, the overhanging limb is critical. Every mock scrape you make should have an overhanging limb 4-5 feet above the scrape. If you don’t have the time or materials to make a doe in heat scrape then just use your boot and scrape some leaves from under an overhanging limb. Do that in a spot near your stand where the wind won’t give you away when the buck comes in. What do you have to lose?

Mock scrapes with nothing in them do attract bucks, for whatever reason. It takes no time, so just scratch out the leaves and hop into your stand.

So find a spot within twenty yards of your stand with an overhanging limb, good wind, and put Doe Estrus in a mock scrape. You should wear rubber gloves and leave no odor when you make that mock scrape.

Once that first buck comes to that scrape, it goes from being a mock scrape to a real one. Consider making 3-4 mock scrapes close together as this attracts bucks better than just one scrape.

Good hunting!

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